Description of Artschild Artschild is currently being built, aiming at becoming a trustworthy and efficient place for artists and collectors to build up longlasting relationships. We’d like artists to express themselves through live exhibitions so they can gather their fans online, around their works and explain their quest, detail their thoughts, answer questions and so on. Collectors are able to buy or save works of art they understand and discover creators from anywhere in the world. Collections that are either acquired of just applauded on Artschild are regularily assessed. News, advices, upcoming exhibitions and private shows are listed. Regarding Blockchain related topics, there is much we highly value and we will ship features safely and progressively. As for today, we invite you to enjoy artist’s profiles and works, save some that matter and begin to create your own collection. Most of the artists featured attend the Parisian Artschild’s yearly exhibition of fall 2021.

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