Sally Grows Up – Life Story

Description of Sally Grows Up – Life Story Ever wondered how parents take care of their child from childhood to adulthood. What difficulties they face, how they tackle emergencies. This game will exactly teach you this.See what the journey looks like from childhood to adulthood and how a person’s life evolves through different stages of life.Sally’s mom is pregnant and she is born to her parents and wants help through her life. She is a newborn and needs help with her feeding and changing diapers. Make her yummy delicious food that can help her grow into a beautiful girl.Sally is at school and needs help in her studies, help her make great and awesome drawings which can make her a great fashion designer in the future. Sally wants to become a tattoo artist or a tailor fashion designer and wants a degree from college. Help her achieve these awesome degrees. Design fashionable clothes as a tailor or make great tattoos with Sally. The main event is the wedding Sally and how she copes with being a bride and how much she loves her groom or prince. Sally’s wedding is like a princess performed on an island in Monaco. Sally is pregnant and gives birth to a beautiful child.Sally’s life is hard as a fashion tailor. She has her own job and designs clothes for celebrities.-Features– Newborn Sally comes to the world- Help Sally in her school- Help Sally through her college- Help her become a tailor or a tattoo artist- Help her through her pregnancy

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