Sniper Enemy Killer World Attack Adventure

Description of Sniper Enemy Killer World Attack Adventure Aim and Shoot! Kill the enemies and complete missions to become a Best shooter.Your border area base has been occupied by enemy clans and your knight forces have been repelled out from base. Terrorist frontier assault army has charge of base and enemy are spread everywhere you can see. You are frontline commando, nation and chief general of your elite commando have full confidence in you to recover what they have lost due to negligence of some coward soldiers. You are given armor and trained hitman for escapade bloodshed of guerilla enemy shootout from any circumstance and any area clearance. So you are alone prestige idol ranger and hero of nation in this miserable condition and now it is up to you how you can fulfill your gorilla operation against opponent executioner. You are a top sniper fury agent and have merciless skill to engrave out the foe bombing raid, be ready and set hand on trigger to aim and kill the counter frontier supreme forces.Enemy has been planning for the raid from month so they are all armored and have hold of your base completely now. Their ranger, paratroop, navy seal, coast guard and sergeant all have prepared this mortal against harmony on the border and ceasefire. Predator warrior officer has plans to proceed further but you have to stop their hostility conflict with courage and no pity against the warrior trooper. Their ops have been assigned unique behavior and given unique artillery sniper rifle gun pistol and many more amazing insane killer weapon like m4a1 aw50 ak47 for this chaos task.Hold your breath and understand the spear situation and be aware that may be they are waiting some silent stealth sharp professional to knock shot them, so be conscious they are also prepared for the thrilling buckshot with innovative deadly operation to be taken place with rage to dismantle it. Every frenzied enemy should be killed like a prey from whom you are taking revenge of being homeless. Zoom the sniper vision and aim for head shot for each enemy if you can. Make them wrong about their guess to occupy your land and show them dignity of nation by fighting strategic with stealth and burst fire where ever you need in the riot. Be a gladiator and use your high-end training skills to show off the accusation given to you is in favor of nation hangover. This is not a love game so be ready for attack on rebellion in the assault blow their head out of their body with rage fury courage.This game does not contain too much data as we know the need to browse and enjoy listening music and watching movies or school lesson. Do not require any in app purchase so don’t worry you are not really giving us real money but you are saving for your household use, another thing is if you are a serious gamer or newbie it will provide you thrill while waiting for a bus in subway or sitting on commode you want to kill the time just try it you will not be disappointed remember this game contain ads for developer earning so not be annoyed with those.Feature:Full 3d environmentinterface adjust to each screen size and resolutionnice killing effect with real animationanimated enemy soldier ready to kill youfree to play for everkill them before they kill and murder you with no mercy, have fun with realistic physics of game

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