Description of MagicLike MagicLike is a part-time platform that makes money by doing tasks. Massive tasks are updated every day. Users can use their free time to do tasks and make money easily and freely. This platform supports functions such as publishing tasks, receiving tasks, and reviewing tasks. Users can publish task information on the platform and review the completion of tasks. It also supports users to receive tasks to earn income. Features are as follows: 1. Massive Task resource platform has a mass of resources to the task, the user can at any time to receive daily tasks to complete tasks to earn revenue 2. Tasks For Immediate Release users can demand publishing platform, the other users can submit tasks to complete the task audit 3. task earnings data open and transparent user revenue will flow statistics show, users can view their earnings in real time 4. activity award, and other awards red envelopes registration platform will give users incentive payment activities, inviting award, registration Red envelopes and other rewards allow users to enjoy substantial benefits while doing tasks.

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