Rmc Cash

Description of Rmc Cash Assalamu Alaikum, I hope you are all very well. যেHow to work in RMC Cash apps. I did not see the rules of work at a glance. And if you work without following the rules, but you will not get the payment: – Whatever you do to get the account. দিবGive your name. দিবGive me your phone number. দিবGive your email ID. Give a password you like. বAnd give the same password instead of confirm password. ংAnd give a referral code such as: – W6RKHWEU ⚡Then you will click (Sing Up). বAnd immediately your account will be opened. After that you will login to your account. নিয়মThe rules of working: – পাবেনYou will get three jobs to work in these apps. 1 / Quiz 2 / Lucky Spin 3 / Magic Spin . ত First you do 10 impressions then you will click on an Add and after clicking on Add you will be taken to a website you will wait a total of 2 minutes on that website ⚡After waiting for a total of 2 minutes, click on the back button. ⚡You will do all the work in this way Quiz Lucky Spin Magic Spin. বAfter doing the work correctly, request your payment and take your money in your hand within 24 hours. [.. Special Note ..] [Those who work according to this rule will get 100% payment. And if you do not follow the rules but do not receive payment]

Download APK(9.99MB)

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