Rising Kids Preschool

Description of Rising Kids Preschool RISING KIDS Preschool ahmedabad is an initiative of independent educationist with almost a decade of experience in preschool segment. Who have now come together with a common motto of “Empowering Childhood.”Rising kids is the brainchild of 4 independent educationists who have now congregated due to a common idea – Empowering Childhood. This idea is now the motto of rising kids . Rising Kids as a company continuously keeps a check on daily trends and always remains in sync with the modern education scene. Our company has brought forward the next generation of preschools in order to change the way people see preschools as , it was also done to provide an easy going and highly influential form of education in order to make children grow and learn better.Why early EducationWe believe that early childhood is a unique and important stage in a child’s life. This is when learning and development occur within the context of supportive relationships. Our philosophy is to provide preschoolers with just that safe and nurturing environment which they need in order to reach their full potential and become well-adjusted and communicative individuals. Our goal is to provide this vital support to our students and watch them grow into confident, secure and empowered children, with positive traits and high self-esteem – all of which are important pre-requisites for effective learning.

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