Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile

Description of Clash of Legends:Heroes Mobile #BACKGROUND STORY# Theapocalypticdisasterbreaksout,Dr.Tandhisevilarmyhavei

Company Manager RT

Description of Company Manager RT Create a well organized, fast growing company.You start with $1. To earn money you hav

types of card games

Pro 2048 – Game

Description of Pro 2048 – Game Pro 2048 is a matching game where your job is to combine matching tiles to create larger

Catch The Mice Puzzle

Description of Catch The Mice Puzzle Play against the CPU or against another person in the.1 player start and then the m

Tribal Mania

Description of Tribal Mania “Get our Google Play Ramadan Offer: [50% pearl bonus offers and discounted chest, pearl, and

Dorm Nightmare

Description of Dorm Nightmare This is a horror wind strategy game, waiting for you to experience!

Marble Jetpack

Description of Marble Jetpack In this fun, addicting game. Choose your marble and navigate around the obstacles. Rolling

Army Defenses

Description of Army Defenses The enemy will not stop attacking till defeat you so you have to controlle army defense res


Description of Teakni This is a platformer called Teakni. It is in the Roschi game-series, and Roschi means “Difficult”

Attack The Gator Swamp Edition

Description of Attack The Gator Swamp Edition Attack The Gator Swamp Edition is a fast-paced shoot ‘em up action game. Y


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